If Wet…

23 October, 2013

I’m part of the rather wonderful compilation of tracks put together to raise funds for the next season of If Wet […]

Vocal Migrations at Mayfest

23 May, 2013

I created a larger scale version of the Vocal Migrations installation for Mayfest at the fantastic venue  Factory […]

Echo Location at The Pad, Bedford

1 January, 2012

Last Saturday (10th Dec) Bedford Creative Arts held an event to showcase the Echo Location Sound map of Bedford we have been […]

Walkshops in Bedford

13 November, 2011

Just back from Bedford working on the Echo Location Bedford Sound map. I had a really fantastic 4 days taking Bedfordians on […]

Summercamp Electrified

25 June, 2011

I have just returned from a very inspirational 10 days at Timelab, Ghent, Belgium. I was invited to take part in Summercamp […]

Echo-Location try out

11 June, 2011

Yesterday, I started a new project Echo Location at Bedford Creative Arts, which will be a collaborative sound mapping […]