Kathy Hinde

2 March, 2013

Vocal Migrations at Almanac Festival

I tried out a participatory installation version of Vocal Migrations at Bedford Creative Arts Almanac festival. Vocal Migrations is a project inspired by how bats use sound to navigate by Echo Location. I have been working with technologists Matthew Olden and Tarim on making a self contained mobile audio device that can be used to echo locate, but by sampling the vocal ‘calls’ of the user. For this version of the piece, I set up a paper maze, then invited people to try and navigate blindfolded using the Vocal Migrations ‘bat box’ and there own voice as a guide… human echo location.

Here are a few pictures from a fun and inspiring afternoon. We also enjoyed listening to the vocal soundscape that emerged from people navigating the maze. I plan to develop this installation further in a larger space – or perhaps in a real outdoor maze.

video to follow soon… photos by Ben Salmons.


Vocal Migrations was commissioned by Bedford Creative Arts, with support form the Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol and further funding from Arts Council England.