Previous Work

Submerge : 2015

Submerge explores Glasgow’s once treasured and now forgotten streams (burns). A network of waterways weave through the […]

Audible Forces : 2013

As part of the outdoor group show Audible Forces, produced by Oxford Contemporary Music, I created the artwork Sonic Reed […]

Vocal Migrations : 2012

… Close your eyes and find your way …Use the sound of your voice to locate yourself… Vocal Migrations has […]

Dancing Cranes : 2010

Kathy Hinde has animated delicate origami Cranes using small motors. They fly to a soundtrack by Norwegian composer Maja […]

Twitchr : 2009

Twitchr is an on-line soundmap for bird-song and an offline series of bird listening walks created by artists Kathy Hinde […]

Bird Sequencer : 2008

Created in the summer of 2008 by Kathy Hinde and Ivan Franco during a N.I.P. residency, in the amazingly beautiful […]

Echo Location : 2011

The Echo Location sound map is a participatory on-line and off-line artwork that combines listening, audio ecology, social […]

One Thousand Birds : 2001

One Thousand Birds is an installation by Kathy Hinde with surround sound by Matthew Fairclough.  Each time the installation […]

Virtual Music Box : 2009

I collaborated with digital artist Ed Holroyd to create an online version of the Music Box Migrations workshop that […]