Kathy Hinde

re:action : 2004

A collaboration with dancers from Eshoda Arts, digital artist Ed Holroyd and film makers Suited and Booted Studios, re:action is a website and an audio visual installation which uses contemporary dance to infuse new media art with the qualities of performance. Re:action was exhibited at the Hot Bath Gallery, Bath, UK in May 2004.

I composed a non-linear soundscape for the Gallery installation version of Re:Action. I composed 6 stereo tracks that were then shuffled, (with tracks of silence) over a 12 speaker system to create a constantly shifting, spacial soundscape to accompany varying edits of a non-linear dance film projected in 6 difference locations.

All the source material originated from the sounds of bodies, breath and accidental sounds created by the dancers. I then manipulated, fragmented, and re-constituted these sounds in many ways to weave a sonic texture that combined digital glitches, accidental sounds, tiny clicks with human breath and the sound of bodies moving through a resonant space.

This is an edited mix of the spacial 12 channel sound composition

the website version of re:action can be viewed here
some images of the installation

Some screenshots taken from the interactive website created by Ed Holroyd