Kathy Hinde

Meteor Shower : 2005

Meteor Shower for Solo Piano by Kathy Hinde (Piano Grade 4 / 5)
Meteor Shower was commissioned for a collection of graded piano pieces called ‘Unbeaten Tracks’ published by Faber, edited by Joanna MacGregor in 2005. Also including compositions by John Parricelli, Tomoko Mukaiyama, Tom McDermott, Peter Sculthorpe, Steve Lodder, Andy Sheppard, Padma Newsome, Matthew Hindson, Joanna, MacGregor, Matthew Bourne and Peter McGarr.
Meteor:  A Meteor is a particle of matter from space which enters the Earth’s atmosphere. Most Meteors burn up in the atmosphere, leaving a streak of light behind them. (Meteors are often incorrectly called shooting stars).
Meteor Shower: A Meteor Shower is a stream of Meteors that seems to rain down on the Earth. A Meteor shower happens when the Earth passes through a cloud of Meteors that are orbiting the Sun. (Meteor Showers are often seen in the late Autumn.)
Performance note: When playing this piece, imagine a shower of meteors entering the earth’s atmosphere and leaving beautiful streaks of light behind them, before disappearing all together.