Kathy Hinde

Dancing Cranes : 2010

Kathy Hinde has animated delicate origami Cranes using small motors. They fly to a soundtrack by Norwegian composer Maja Ratkje. The speed of their flight, and the intensity of the overlaying crane sounds is controlled by data that represents their annual migration cycle. Video images shine onto the paper birds to create a super-imposed shadow animation.

First shown on a Faster Than Sound residency, Snape, UK, 20th March 2010.

Previously exhibited at, Arnolfini at BLOP (Bristol Live Open Platform); Deloitte Ignite, Royal Opera House; Almost Cinema Festival, Ghent, Belgium,

MaxMSP programming by Matthew Olden. With thanks to Peter Holden and Snape RSPB volunteers for information on Cranes and migration routes.

The projection screen is also made from architects tracing paper… after the exhibition in Ghent, it was fun dismantling the work…