Aeolian : 2017

“… it worked magic: never have I seen and heard such a kaleidoscopic panoply of bizarre and exotic musical instruments used in a way that cancels out completely the idea of novelty. This was so true that I found myself looking at the ‘regular’ instruments – accordion, flute, cello and so on – and wondering what […]


elbejée : homeopathic waft of signal : 2019

Homeopathic waft of signal is the debut album of improvisational explorations by elbejée (Kathy Hinde [UK] and Gail Priest [Aus]). Recorded amongst rutting frogs and all watched over by feisty Shetland cows, these three pieces combine field recordings, synthesised bleeps, processed vocals, mechanised singing bowls, self-playing gongs, bird whistles, wind-up bugs, and bespoke vinyl. This […]


Singularity : 2016

“The marriage of music and film here attained perfection in terms of both aesthetic continuity and elegance” 5against4 review “Unspeakably elegant and shimmering scintillas of fractal patterns and fluid strings hovering between liquid and matter.” The Quietus review of Sonica 2017 An audio-visual collaboration with artist Solveig Settemsdal.  Settemsdal explores a fluid form of sculptural drawing in […]


Ornis : 2009

ORNIS is a collaboration between the Potsdam based flautist / composer Sabine Vogel and audiovisual artist Kathy Hinde from Bristol. In 2008 Mats Lindström, director of EMS, Stockholm commissioned a work by Kathy Hinde and Sabine Vogel for the Norberg Festival in Sweden. From this, they formed the duo ORNIS. They create installations, performances, and audio […]


Palimpsest : 2010

Performance of Palimpsest by Daniel Skoglund and Kathy Hinde recorded at Sonica Festival, Glasgow and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in Autumn 2012. Commissioned and produced by WELD and EMS, Stockholm 2010. Featured in Robin McGinley’s ‘Global Ear’ article in the Feb 2011 issue of The Wire. Drawings in pencil. Drawings in light. Traces of journeys, mappings, sketches, […]


Powerplant : 2005

“Powerplant – an inspiring collaboration between percussionist Joby Burgess, sound designer Matthew Fairclough and visual artist Kathy Hinde – give electronic music a multimedia makeover.” The Scotsman I produce bespoke visuals for Powerplant live concerts, working closely with Joby, Matt and commissioned composers, the most recent commission being from London based composer Max De Wardener. Powerplant […]


Come Outside : 2007

Created with Polar Produce in 2007 for the Enter_ Festival, Cambridge. People were invited to ‘Come Outside’ for a bike ride. Bicycles were provided with custom-made dynamo battery chargers, and participants were invited on a bike ride out of the city into a rural location. The energy generated as participants peddled was harnessed in batteries, and […]


Ultramarine : 1999

Ultramarine is an audiovisual concert that combines pianist Joanna MacGregor’s virtuosity and Kathy Hinde’s visuals to form a unique journey through the themes of water, blue hues, and Japanese haiku, all tied in by Matthew Fairclough’s sound diffusion. The programme includes work by Georgi Ligeti, Olivier Messiaen, Jonathan Harvey, Tori Takemitsu, and Somei Satoh alongside newly […]


Unkindest Cut by Sadhana Dance

Audio-visual installation and live dance performance sited within two adjoined shipping containers. A shipping container is a large metal box, strong enough to withstand movement, storage, and handling. A frame. A vessel. Serving a function. Who knows what secrets lie inside? Inside a shipping container is something intimate and intricate. Alluring, yet alarming. Unkindest Cut interweaves […]



BOP –  an experimental sound art project and partnership between Kathy Hinde and Teresa Dillon. Objects are amplified in real-time, sampled and overlaid with pre-recorded sounds and live vocals. Videos are mixed live to accompany each track with stage sets that cross between experimental sound and live art. BOP were mainly gigging between 2007 – […]


Birds and Traces

Collaboration with Maja S. K. Ratkje on Faster Than Sound residency, Suffolk. Inspired by the themes of bird migration, the season of spring and climate change. Birds And Traces involved school children local to the Snape area reinterpreting Norwegian songs about birds and spring along with making origami birds and mapping out migration routes of […]


Crepuscular Hour

Crepuscular Hour is composed by Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje with texts from The Nag Hammadi Library and Film by Kathy Hinde. Released by Rune Grammofon 2016 as DVD with 5.1 sound mix, CD and LP. Below are two extracts from the DVD which is centred around a live performance at Town Hall, Huddersfield 20th November at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2012 […]