Kathy Hinde

Singularity : 2016

“The marriage of music and film here attained perfection in terms of both aesthetic continuity and elegance” 5against4 review

“Unspeakably elegant and shimmering scintillas of fractal patterns and fluid strings hovering between liquid and matter.” The Quietus review of Sonica 2017

An audio-visual collaboration with artist Solveig Settemsdal.  Settemsdal explores a fluid form of sculptural drawing in this video work, through suspending white ink in cubes of gelatin. The concept of an expanding point is echoed in Hinde’s musical composition. Sounds evolve out of silence into clustered layers, drawing attention to the microscopic detail of the expanding abstract forms.  Commissioned by the Goldfield Ensemble, the composition is scored for string quartet and a bespoke new instrument created from resonating metal tynes salvaged from toy pianos. Singularity is included in the touring concert programme Ritual in Transfigured Time, also featuring the Langham Research Centre and a new work by Arlene Sierra scored to Maya Deren’s experimental film ‘Ritual in Transfigured Time’

Extract from review by 5 against 4 of premiere at Cheltenham Festival, July 2016

“Leaps and bounds beyond all of these, though, was the world première of Singularity by Kathy Hinde. The marriage of music and film here attained perfection in terms of both aesthetic continuity and elegance. Norwegian artist Solveig Settemsdal‘s visuals were utterly mesmerising and impossible to resolve, featuring a large globular agglomeration of some kind of matter–liquid or fabric or feathers or something–that pulsed, shivered, hovered, struggled, and evolved, like a glutinous, biological and altogether more placid version of Alex Rutterford’s Gantz Graf. Hinde’s music was similarly amorphous and behaviourally limited, forming a vaporous texture of shifting densities (including delightful intrusions from the bowed and tickled innards of toy pianos), ethereal, ephemeral, excruciatingly wonderful, like a cross between high ambient and a tantric orgasm.”

Audio recording of Singularity below. Music performed by Goldfield Ensemble at OVADA gallery, Oxford. Violin1 – Nicola Goldscheiders, Vionlin 2 – Alexandra Reid, Viola – Bridget Carey, ‘Cello – Sophie Harris, Metal Tynes – Kate Romano

Video of extracts from single channel video and stereo audio version of Singularity below

Below : Kate Romano from the Goldfield Ensemble, and producer of the tour, playing Metal Tynes, an instrument create by Kathy Hinde from the innards of toy pianos. (Photo credit Greg Trezise)


Below : close up for Metal Tynes (photo Greg Trezise), and Violinist Nicola Goldscheider performing with projection of Solveig Settemsdal’s video at concert preview, Milton Court Theatre, London on May 27th.