Kathy Hinde

The Olden Hinde

During September and October 2011, over four weeks, myself and Matthew Olden were selected to be artists in residence at the AND Festival… on a Narrow Boat navigating the canals of Norther England. You can read all about our adventures here. For the final weekend of the festival, we moored up at the Albert Dock in central Liverpool, and on the Sunday we had an ‘open boat’ afternoon where we invited the public on board for a short trip to share some of the work we had made.

Our aim was to document sounds and images on our journey, to then transform the boat into an audio-visual ‘organism’ – playing the sounds and images back in relation to the speed we are currently travelling. To control this, I made a waterwheel to sit on the front of the boat to gauge our speed, and sent this information to a praxinoscope that was displaying stop motion animations of moments from our journey.

Matthew programmed a max patch to make a timelapse film with GPS stamps on each image. He was then able to play back the movie also showing a map of our progress. We embedded sounds we recorded en route on the map, and they were triggered by the timelapse journey.