Kathy Hinde

elbejée : homeopathic waft of signal : 2019

Homeopathic waft of signal is the debut album of improvisational explorations by elbejée (Kathy Hinde [UK] and Gail Priest [Aus]). Recorded amongst rutting frogs and all watched over by feisty Shetland cows, these three pieces combine field recordings, synthesised bleeps, processed vocals, mechanised singing bowls, self-playing gongs, bird whistles, wind-up bugs, and bespoke vinyl.

This is what happens when you put two verbally vivacious, intellectually voracious, conceptually aligned yet practically divergent sound artists in an architecturally designed eco-pod for three weeks in the Scottish Highlands*. These pieces form a natural continuum of their realworld hypertextual kitchen conversations covering curry recipes, phenomenology, cheap wine appreciation, speculative realism, DIY electronics and the joys of British bird watching.

Digital album & limited edition CD available HERE.

Released November 1, 2019

Metal Bitch Recordings MB008
Artwork Kathy Hinde

* Kathy and Gail came together as part of Cryptic’s Cove Park Spring Residency, with Gail’s attendance supported by The SUBSTATION, Newport, Victoria, Australia and Kathy’s by Cryptic, Glasgow, UK.