Kathy Hinde

Powerplant : 2005

Powerplant – an inspiring collaboration between percussionist Joby Burgess, sound designer Matthew Fairclough and visual artist Kathy Hinde – give electronic music a multimedia makeover.

The Scotsman

I produce bespoke visuals for Powerplant live concerts, working closely with Joby, Matt and commissioned composers, the most recent commission being from London based composer Max De Wardener. Powerplant has released 3 albums, ‘Electric Counterpoint’,  ‘Import Export’ (a CD and DVD release) and most recently ’24 Lies per Second’ featuring the trio of Max De Wardener compositions, one of which we created as a bonus video track.

Here are some videos of Import Export, a suite for Global Junk by Gabriel Prokofiev

Here is an extract of Temazcal by Javier Alveraz, which is a bonus video track on the ‘Electric Counterpoint’ album.