Twittering Machines – Installation : 2014

New live performance edition of Twittering Machines – here… Humankind maintains an ongoing fascination with attempts to decipher, understand and categorise birdsong and animal communication. Twittering Machines invites us to ponder upon these fascinations, and plays with birdsong imitation, translation, message sending, encryption, interference, miscommunications, and mappings. Language and vocalisations can express metaphors through poetry […]


Vocal Resonances at IN SITU, Leicester : 2018

Vocal Resonances is a new site specific sound installation by Kathy Hinde created for the first floor room of the Magazine Gateway, Leicester,which premiered 13 – 15 December 2018. Many thanks and credit to the vocalists featured in this installation: Ceylan Hey, Jasmine Butt, Phil Owen and Tim Riley. Commissioned as part of European IN SITU programme as a collaboration between the Music, […]


Submerge : 2015

Submerge explores Glasgow’s once treasured and now forgotten streams (burns). A network of waterways weave through the city like veins. Over time, many of these burns have been routed underground through concrete pipes, culverted out of sight, fenced off, and hidden from view. During June 2015, Kathy invited people to join her on a series walks […]


Music Box Migration : 2008

Music Box Migrations explores the idea of using a picture as a musical score. Images of birds, bird migration patterns and maps are printed directly onto strips of card. Holes are punched according to chosen points on the images or map. These holes trigger notes when the score is wound through a music box – […]


Audible Forces : 2013

As part of the outdoor group show Audible Forces, produced by Oxford Contemporary Music, I created the artwork Sonic Reed Beds and a new online interactive soundmap. All the pieces in Audible Forces make sound in response to the wind. I had the privilege to be amongst a really amazing group of artists: Max Eastley, […]


Vocal Migrations : 2012

… Close your eyes and find your way …Use the sound of your voice to locate yourself… Vocal Migrations has connections with my interest in synaesthesia, combining sound and visuals, and how I’m drawn to looking at nature, and animal behaviour for inspiration. I have a fascination with how bats can use sound to see, […]


Dancing Cranes : 2010

Kathy Hinde has animated delicate origami Cranes using small motors. They fly to a soundtrack by Norwegian composer Maja Ratkje. The speed of their flight, and the intensity of the overlaying crane sounds is controlled by data that represents their annual migration cycle. Video images shine onto the paper birds to create a super-imposed shadow […]


Twitchr : 2009

Twitchr is an on-line soundmap for bird-song and an offline series of bird listening walks created by artists Kathy Hinde & Ed Holroyd. The soundmap is interactive and can be played like a scrolling muscial score to generate new bird-song soundscapes. The walks include a talk by an invited expert. TAKE PART by uploading a […]


Bird Sequencer : 2008

Created in the summer of 2008 by Kathy Hinde and Ivan Franco during a N.I.P. residency, in the amazingly beautiful Montemor-o-Novo. Naturally site-specific works emerged from the fusion of computer systems for new media and the ecological surrounding. By observing the resting of birds on telegraph lines, it was soon obvious how much the lines […]


Echo Location : 2011

The Echo Location sound map is a participatory on-line and off-line artwork that combines listening, audio ecology, social networking and graphic scores. It was created by in collaboration with digital artist Ed Holroyd, and commissioned by Bedford Creative Arts for a series of sound recording walks and to create a personalised soundmap of Bedford. Bedford Listening walks took place […]


One Thousand Birds : 2001

One Thousand Birds is an installation by Kathy Hinde with surround sound by Matthew Fairclough.  Each time the installation is shown, the paper birds are re-made by people from the local community. A collection on 1000 origami cranes, according to an ancient Japanese legend, is said to grant a wish. The crane in Japan is […]