Kathy Hinde

In Flight : 2012

A flock of mechanised origami-style birds installed in a variety of contexts and made from a range of materials. First devised as part of the collaborative work ‘Dancing Cranes‘ with Maja Ratkje, the birds were re-designed in stainless steel and install above the River Rae in Birmingham in 2012 for ‘Sounding the River’, a collaborative show with Jony Easterby, Mark Anderson, Ulf Pedersen, Anna Lucas and Red Earth celebrating the River Rae. I created them from metal, as they were installed over the urban section of the river as it flowed from its culvert into the woods of Cannon Hill Park. The flock also became part of the collaborative show ‘For the Birds‘ which toured internationally from 2014 – 2019. Here they are at Sounding the river, and at Brighton Festival in 2017 with the sounds of their mechanical wings amplified.

The birds also took a paper form, returning to folded origami forms to be installed as part of a solo show at ESC Gallery in Graz, Austria.

The paper birds have also been feature in Dybwik Dans children’s show BLÅfugl in Stavanger, Norway, and as visual accompaniments to Birds & Traces with Maja Ratkje and Frode Haltli at Other Minds Festival, San Francisco, and most recently in a collaboration with Joanna MacGregor and the Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra for their ‘Beautiful World’ Programme premiering at Brighton Dome in January 2023.