Kathy Hinde

Sadhana Dance

I collaborate with Matthew Olden to compose music and create bespoke video projections for the Dance Company Sadhana, directed by Choreographer Subathra Subramaniam who draws from the rich vocabulary of Bharata Natyam, a South Indian classical dance form. Sadhana’s latest production Elixir is touring the UK along with a sculptural installation by Josh Baum, accompanied by a 10 channel sound installation by Kathy and Matthew. Elixir dives deep into our cultural relationship with water in a world where its scarcity is an ever increasing-problem.

Below, image of Josh Baum’s sculpture “Instrument for Reading Heraclitus”

Sadhana’s work is always connected to current scientific research, and consultation with scientific researchers is a key aspect of the creative process. Sadhana performances are always followed by a Cafe Scientifique where Quentin Cooper, presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Material World, will chair a discussion between the artists and scientists involved in the show and the audience.

Kathy and Matthew collaborated with Suba on Sadhana’s debut production, ‘The Shiver’ in 2010 in collaboration with poet Lemn Sissay with scientific consultation from Morten Kringelbach.