Kathy Hinde

Luminous Birds : 2015/16

“There is something poignant about the delicacy of Hinde’s flock of origami birds… Lights rush in perfect harmony with the wash of sound creating a unified sensorial experience.” The Times ****

Luminous Birds animates a flock of origami-style birds suspended overhead. As night falls, synchronised lighting sequences and music create the effect of birds flying overhead. The action of many birds, flocking together, is one of nature’s most amazing phenomenon – an ultimate act of cooperation, hundreds moving together in harmony. Each bird is made from waterproof paper and folded in a traditional origami style. They are arranged in long lines, with the wing positions of each bird slightly different to create a sequence similar to stop-motion animation accompanied by spatialised sounds composed from distorted pianos and bells.

Kathy was awarded a British Composer Award by BASCA for Luminous Birds in 2017, which was described by the judges as ‘an outstanding example of what Sonic Art has to offer today.’

Originally commissioned by Kidderminster Arts Festival 2015, with development and sound commissioned by Cryptic 2016.

Bespoke software programmed by Matthew Olden; DMX control system by Graham Calvert; rigging by Alasdair Jones; design, concept and build by Kathy Hinde.

Below: video of Luminous Birds at the Wye Valley River Festival, filmed by Kathy Hinde, edited by Lousie Mather with sound composed by Kathy Hinde and Matthew Olden.

Each flight path of a bird is accompanied with a spatialised micro-composition that progresses in time with the moving lights. The audience is free to move amongst the installation as they choose, catching fleeting moments from these micro-compositions as they continue to overlap in different ways. The following track is an edit of sounds from the installation.

Below is a video by Louise Mather of highlights from Cryptic’s Autumn tour of Luminous Birds.

Below Video of Luminous Birds at Kidderminster Arts Festival by Kathy Hinde.

Images of Luminous Birds at ‘For The Birds’ New Zealand Festival 2016, below


Images of Luminous Birds at Wye Valley River Festival 2016, below.


Above daytime photo by Paul Blakemore.  Other photos by Kathy Hinde