Kathy Hinde

2 October, 2013

Public talks / Lectures / Workshops

I have been invited to give presentations at events such as TED Global Edinburgh 2012; TEDxAldeburgh 2011, NESTA FutureFest 2013, and KIKK festival 2016.

I am regularly invited to give talks, lectures and run workshops at various institutions including Goldsmiths University, Bath Spa University, Brighton University, Brunel University, University of the West of England, DeMontfort University, Oxford Brookes University, Plymouth University and Prague Academy of Performing Arts.

I have previously lead the Sound strand on the ‘SISE’ (Sound Image and Sensory Experience) Module at the University of the West of England in Bristol. For this module, I tutored students in creating site-specific installations, and short audiovisual pieces focussed on ‘sense of place’.

I often run public workshops alongside exhibitions and performances of my work.