Kathy Hinde

20 March, 2020

UK-RUSSIA year of Music, Moscow – Exhibition

As part of the British Council UK-RUSSIA Year of Music I went to Moscow for ten days.  I created a new installation version of my project Twittering Machines. The Sound Artist community offered to let me work at SA)) Studios for a few days, to use their 8 channel speaker system.  I made a new 8 channel composition with HD video, and also devised a new  live set-up so I could improvise in 8 channel surround sound by adapting some excellent audio processing software made in MaxMSP by Matthew Olden. I installed the piece at SA)) Gallery housed at Electromuseum. Alongside the new 8 channel mix and video edit, I I installed 2 objects. An old radio with a hidden speaker that occasionally plays morse code sounds, and an old record player with a 12 inch record with morse code on it, The record can be played intermittently. Many thanks to Inna Astafyeva, Aristarkh Chernyshev, Alexei Shulgin and their team at Electromusuem for hosting me and helping with the installl; and to Sergey Kasich for curating the work into SA)) Gallery. Thanks to SA)) Community for lending their studio especially Vitalina Kolemagina, Oleg Makarov and Danil Tcytkin. Thanks to the British Council for supporting this trip.