Kathy Hinde

20 March, 2020

UK-RUSSIA Year of Music, Moscow – LIVE gigs

As part of the British Council UK-RUSSIA Year of Music, I took my Twittering Machines Project to Moscow and St Petersburg. I began with a live performance at Plums Festival Digital Check-in at the NCCA, Moscow, on February 21st, which was the first event in the new series of live digital art events Techne. I was joined by media arts duo Stain, who performed a beautiful audio-visual piece called Water Illumination, where the sound responded to imagery, and sound artist Oleg Makarov who creating a deep and intense surround sound piece based on the sounds of cicadas. Photos below by Marina Ragozina. Header photo by Irina Fadina. Many thanks to Anna Titovets for curating the event and to the Plums Festival team, Irina Fadina and Kirill Markushin. Thanks also to NCCA and Vera Roschenkova from the Techne team. Thanks to the British Council for making this trip possible.


I followed this performance by taking Twittering Machines to St Petersburg, as part of the NCCA Techne programme, at the Sergey Kuroykhin Centre on February 22nd. I invited the audience to take a look at my instruments after the performance, which went down well.