Kathy Hinde

6 June, 2011

The Shiver

Composed music with Matthew Olden for The Shiver, a dance production by Sadhana Dance. The Shiver was shown was premiered in June 2010 and toured the UK in October / November 2010.

Shiver – to shake slightly and uncontrollably as a result of being cold, frightened, or excited, a momentary trembling movement, a spell or attack of shivering. The piece combines dance, music, image and spoken word in an interdisciplinary performance in which three dancers explore the scientific and emotional reasoning behind why we shiver…. and why it can be through pleasure or pain.

The Shiver is a collaboration between choreographer Subathra Subramaniam and  poet and spoken word artist Lemn Sissay. Kathy Hinde and Matthew Olden are collaborating to create the soundtrack for the performance. The team will also work closely with Neuroscientist Morten Kringelbach, and each show will be accompanied by a Cafe Scientifique, hosted by Quentin Cooper.

Some tracks from The Shiver


Credits as follows:
Tracks composed by Kathy Hinde: Almost Touching, Ice Forest, Drone and Neural Pathways
Tracks composed by Matthew Olden: Pleasure Cycle and Pain Trio
Tracks composed by Kathy Hinde and Matthew Olden: Reflect, Rain, Text Duet and Life Cycle
Cello – Simon McCorry
Violin – Joanna Harvey
Tabla – Adrian Sykes
Dulcimer – Liz Purnell
All other instruments and sounds – Kathy Hinde and Matthew Olden
Mastered by Laura B
Video of extracts from The Shiver