Kathy Hinde

27 February, 2019

Innovations, Improvisations and Adaptations.

SURA MEDURA Residency, Spring 2019 – Blog post :

Innovating, adapting, evolving, responding, repairing, creating, improvising, imagineering, … This is what I have been noticing in Sri Lanka.

I have seen many incredibly innovative solutions that deal with the need to adapt to situations, often difficult situations that someone’s livelihood depends on. For example, a solution to not having a fishing boat is to plant and secure a huge stick into the ocean bed and fish from that – amazingly innovative. The fishermen’s boats at the harbour have many improvised additions and personalised adaptations. I loved seeing this chair when visiting Mangalika, a local lady who weaves hats, bags and purses. Lovingly repaired many times, out of necessity; the result being very beautiful, in a humble way.