Kathy Hinde

1 August, 2013

Residency at Villa Waldberta

For the months of June and July, I was an artist in residence at the Villa Waldberta in Bavaria near lake Starnberg, at the invitation of Horst Konietzny, curator of Signalraum. I kept a diary whilst I was there – which you can check out here (still updating this as I edit more videos and sounds… so please keep checking). I was joined by regular collaborator Matthew Olden for the month of July. We put on a number of events and invited local artists and musicians to join us. For one week in June, Sabine Vogel visited and we worked on new material as our audio-visual duo ORNIS. I will upload some documentation of the concerts and events soon. … !

It was a wonderful opportunity to be working in such a beautiful natural environment, and i managed to get some time to swim in the lakes… as you might imagine, plenty of sounds were recorded, and photos videos were taken… here is a selection.