Kathy Hinde

27 September, 2019

Phase Transition at Eufònic Festival

In early September, I was delighted to have had the opportunity to show Phase Transition at Lo Pati Art Centre, Amposta, Spain, as part of the wonderful Eufònic Festival. The gallery space was perfect for the installation, being large and resonant. Alongside setting up Phase Transition and visiting some wonderful locations for other artworks at the festival, Matthew and I had a little bit of time to explore the area. Eufonic takes place in a very unique landscape at Delta de l’Ebre which is one of Europe’s most important wetlands, which was a breathtaking landscape to experience. Expansive paddy fields, salt flats, huge long sand dunes and beaches. “The park is of international importance for eight of its plant species and 69 of its vertebrate fauna. It has some 95 breeding species of birds, is also very important for over 300 species of a wide range of transient and overwintering species, and serves as an essential stopover point for large numbers of migratory birds and waterfowl. The Ebro delta has the world’s largest colony of Audouin’s gulls. In 2006 it held a record number of more than 15,000 pairs.” Wikipedia. From conversations with locals, I became more aware of the crucial importance of the water systems in the area, with the low lying wetlands being very vulnerable to sea level rise. This vulnerability made it all the more interesting to exhibit Phase Transition there, as this installation grew from research into arctic ice melt and climate change.

Here are some photos of Phase Transition at Eufònic. Huge thanks to Vicent and the amazing team at Eufònic and friends, and to Cryptic for commissioning the work.

PT_eufonic11_small PT_eufonic5_small PT_eufonic4_small PT_eufonic3_small PT_eufonic2_small PT_eufonic1_small