Kathy Hinde

1 August, 2012

Norberg Festival 2012

Back from ANOTHER great great time at Norberg Festival, and a pleasure to be with old good friends form EMS and Fylkingen, and meet new lovely people too.
I went with Sabine Vogel to perform as our audio-visual duo ORNIS – where we premiered our new set up where Sabine performs with flutes, electronics and field recordings, and I make video projections onto ice. It was great to try this out live, and it’s always rewarding to show visual work with Sabine’s captivating music. documentation on another post to follow soon…
Here is a pic of us setting up in the cavernous Mimer ( 7 secs reverb… at least )

I also had the pleasure of projecting some vulture videos for a dark and engaging electronics improvisation by the amazing combination of Mat Lindstrom and Lauren Hayes


AND – lucky me, I also got to make some very slow moving visuals out of Jo Thomas‘s line drawings for her awesome late night set on Saturday… here is a video still.