Kathy Hinde

9 December, 2017

NÉMO Biennale, Paris

Piano Migrations was been selected for the 2017 International Némo Biennale of digital art ‘Les Faits du Hasard‘ exhibition at Centquatre-Paris running from 9th December 2017 to 4th March 2018.

Les Faits du Hasard, is curated around the theme of chance and serendipity. Intentional artistic accidents and poetic re-reading of a technological society perceived in the digital age are at the heart of the exhibition. A way for the man to regain control of the machine?

Piano Migrations is the inside of an old piano, recycled into a kinetic sound sculpture. A video of birds on telegraph lines, that is reminiscent of a musical score, is projected onto the piano strings. The movements of the birds trigger small machines to twitch and flutter on the strings. Nature controls machines to create delicate music. Piano Migrations is a musical composition generated by chance by translating the flight patterns of birds directly into music. This musical composition is a open score that gives freedom to birds to create the sounds and rhythms. Piano Migrations creates a synergy between music and visual art. Following the progression of extended piano technique, this installation sits somewhere between a subverted musical instrument and a sculpture. Credits:Piano Migrations by Kathy Hinde, Software by Matthew Olden, In association with Cryptic, Glasgow.


Piano Migration’s was part of an amazing exhibition which was a true privilege to be a part of. Here are some insights into what else was on show… including a joyous candy-floss snow-storm…

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