Kathy Hinde

5 August, 2012

in an empty swimming pool…

On July 31st, ORNIS had the wonderful opportunity to perform in an empty swimming pool in Bristol, currently in the care of Artspace Lifespace, an artist led initiative that recycles vacant, under-used and problem properties into thriving active creative resources.

ORNIS is a duo between Sabine Vogel on flutes, electronics and composition, whilst I  projected visuals onto melting sheets of ice. Both audio and visual elements of the performance are improvised live.
Here is a short video of extracts from this performance,

On this occasion, we decided to add a live camera focussed on the sheets of ice to be projected onto a larger screen. However, most people in the audience said the real sheets of ice were definitely big enough to watch in that space, and there wasn’t a need for a live camera enlargement.

Having just performed at Norberg Festival, (inside a huge old mine in North Sweden), it was a great opportunity to show the piece again in yet another amazing setting.  Alongside the performance, the audience also enjoyed a 10 speaker version of Matthew Olden‘s Brain Forest – a generative soundscape of synthesised insects, inspired by a trip to the Amazon rain forest. Amongst the ephemeral sounds bouncing around the tiled pool was the exquisite ‘puddle’ sculpture by Josh Baum – a meditation on the everyday and otherworldly qualities of water.