Kathy Hinde

20 November, 2017

Aeolian at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

AEOLIAN, a collaboration with composer Maja Ratkje was premiered on the opening night of Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. We transformed Bates Mill photographic studio into a world of air-based instruments to be performed live by accordion soloist Andreas Borregaard and the Red Note Ensemble. The audience were appreciative and seemed to enjoy the playful nature of the work alongside its delicate fragility. Some extracts from the great review on 5against4 blog, read the full article here.

“…it worked magic: never have I seen and heard such a kaleidoscopic panoply of bizarre and exotic musical instruments used in a way that cancels out completely the idea of novelty. This was so true that I found myself looking at the ‘regular’ instruments – accordion, flute, cello and so on – and wondering what the fundamental difference was between these and the home-made gadgets and gizmos surrounding them. In Aeolian, there really is no difference between them, all united in the most beautiful, exquisitely-designed and executed ballet of action and sound, like a tender exquisite lullaby, perfect before heading off to bed.”