Kathy Hinde

1 June, 2011

Eyebrow at Site Festival

Last night I was the ‘third eyebrow’ with the amazing duo “Eyebrow” that is Pete Judge on Trumpet and Paul Wigens on Drums. I provided a visual backdrop to their dreamy, captivating soundworld. The gig was at SVA in Stroud – a wonderful place – a really friendly, relaxed atmosphere = enjoyable.

The windmills in the photo above was a new creation specially for this gig, to accompany “Dark Arches”. I made a patch in Quartz Composer so I could start and stop the spin of the windmills on different beats in the music, alongside adjusting other textures and parameters live. Here’s a video of it…

A lot of the other visuals were layers of filmed video, manipulated (just a little bit) with the music. I put a long video of starlings on telegraph lines to accompany the track “Pinch Point”. The small movements and twitches of the birds went well with the tiny, subtle percussive sounds and breathy trumpet taps that inhabited a soundworld hinged on a quiet, meditative trumpet loop.