Kathy Hinde

Previous Events 2022

15 December 2022 – Showing analogue film installation at BEEF-LAB event at The Cube Microplex, Bristol as part of ‘Conspirators of Perception‘ series by Bristol Experimental Expanded Film (BEEF).

25 Nov – 9 Dec – Contributing collaborative work to Association of Unknown Shores Part 9: Practice Assembly exhibition at St Stephens Church, Bristol.

4 Dec – 1pm-4pm – Hydrophone performance at St Stephen’s Church, Bristol, as part of Association of Unknown Shores Part 9: Practice Assembly

23 November 2022 – Part of DRAWN SOUND, a Bristol Experimental Expanded Film (BEEF) event featuring Swedish artist Ann Rosén at Strange Brew, Bristol.

18-19 November 2022 – New work for Light Night Wigan and Leigh 2022 commissioned by Things that go on things.

5 November – River Traces screening at Glowing Electronics Festival, Östra Hoby, Sweden

10 November 2022 – Visuals for launch of Pete Judge‘s third solo piano album at St George’s Bristol.

21 Sept – 31 Oct – Earthquake Mass Reimagined, at Visiones Sonoras, CMMAS, Morelia, Mexico

April – October 2022 – ‘Hear Water‘ : building environmental empathy through deep listening, a project in Bristol with Bath Spa University and IMAYLA

21 May – 31 August 2022 – new installation ‘…of which we are part‘ for ‘Better Than This‘ exhibition, East Quay, Watchet, Somerset

21 July 2022: 6pm – 9pm – Kitchen Conversation with Pat Wolseley at East Quay, Watchet, Somerset

17 June 2022 – Ambient, interspecies music performance with Matthew Olden for the launch of In Between Time ‘Wildness’ weekend, Bristol, UK

15 – 31 July 2022 : 6pm-10pm – Chirp & Drift at ‘City Lights‘ at Illuminate Adelaide, Australia

2 July 2022 – acts of balancing and unbalancing commissioned for Quiet Music Ensemble, premiere at Solstice Arts Centre Navan, Ireland. A series of new instruments and collaborative composition.

14 June 2022 – Dark Ecologies : Art and Poetry at Nightfall, as part of Bristol Festival of Nature at St George’s Bristol, with Bristol City Poet Caleb Parkin and environmental historians Andy Flack & Alice Would.

25 May 2022, 12:00pm, Deep Listening Walk at Casa del Lago, Mexico City

19 May – 26 June – Earthquake Mass Re-Imagined at El Aleph Festival, Palacio de la Autonomía, Mexico City, in partnership with Anglo Arts, Cryptic and UNAM.

21 May – 31 August 2022 – new installation ‘…of which we are part‘ for ‘Better Than This‘ exhibition, East Quay, Watchet, Somerset

7 April – 8 May – Plastic Drastic Fantastic, with Akademi Dance at Polka Theatre, composed music with Matthew Olden and created haptic devices to aid access for deaf and hard of hearing audience members

27 April – 1st May  – Deep Listening Walks and Listening Horn Soundscapes at Spor Festival, Aarhus, Denmark.

18 March – 2 April – Sound work at Leson7 Sound Art Gallery, Buenos Aires

18 March 2022 – LITTORAL live audiovisual performance with Myriam Boucher at Sonica Glasgow

10-20 March 2022 – Sonica GlasgowEarthquake Mass Re-imagined. Premiere of audiovisual installation, commissioned by Cryptic in partnership with Anglo Arts (part of the The Anglo Mexican Foundation), Mexico & Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM).

9-20 March 2022 – Chirp & Drift at the Attenborough Centre for the Contemporary Arts for Sound Art Brighton.

1-6 March 2022 – Chirp & Drift in the grounds of St George’s Bristol, and Luminous Birds at Temple Gardens for Bristol Light Festival

24 February – Piano + Film creating visuals for collaboration with Pianist / Composer Pete Judge at St George’s Bristol

5-9 January 2022 – Chirp & Drift at LUX Helsinki