Kathy Hinde

Previous Events 2020

24 November – 20 December –  River Traces 1, 16mm handmade film, digitised and online AMPLIFY 2020  at, Somerset House Studios, London.

24 – 28 November – River Traces 1, 16mm handmade film, digitised and online at Noviembre Electrònica, Buenos Aires, Argentina

28 November – 7:00pm – Piano + Film at St Georges, Bristol. Visuals for piano performance by Pete Judge.

20-21 November – 4:30-8pm – New online interactive edition of Chirp & Drift at Oxford Christmas Light Festival, presented by OCM, in partnership with St George’s Bristol, with a focus on Blackbird Leys and Greater Leys, Oxford.

9 November – 4pm – 5pm Online Discussion with CAST for Season for Ex-Change programme.

8 November – 8:35pm – Powerplant at Three Palaces Festival, Malta. Visuals for percussionist Joby Burgess, pre-recording film streamed online.

30 October – 7:00pm – River Traces, new 16mm film with live sound at BEEF : Department of Moving Images, Centre of Gravity, Gardiner Haskins Soap Works building

2 October – 1 November – River Traces – 9 monitor AV installation and SHF (Smith, Hinde, Francis) Shuffle – 3 monitor installation at BEEF : Department of Moving Images, Centre of Gravity, Gardiner Haskins Soap Works building, Bristol (open Weds-Sun).

11 October  – Twittering Machines at GAS Festival, Gothenburg, Sweden (virtual appearance). Avialable online for 10 days after premiere.

10 October – 11:00-12:30 & 14:00-15:30 – Deep Listening Walk at Control Shift Festival, Bristol Harbourside.

8 -20 September – ‘River Traces’, new AV work in Distant Arcades virtual gallery at Mutek Montréal.

9 September – Live stream of “Lockdown Vexations” to mark the anniversary of John Cage’s world premiere of a full performance of Vexations with a team of pianists in 1963

4 September – DATA NATURE lunchtime talk at Pervasive Media Studio, Watershed, online, with SWCTN fellows Pete Quinn Davis and Matt Baker.

22 August – 22 October – New soundscape composition outdoors around Salisbury Playhouse.

14 June & 12 July  – Live stream of “Lockdown Vexations

31 May – Live streamed talk about ‘Deep Listening Walks’ in the Flow Country for Global Peat Fest

17 May – Premiere of Live stream of “Lockdown Vexations” for Erik Satie’s 154th Birthday

2-14 March – Cryptic Residency at Cove Park with Myriam Boucher

29 Feb – Opening of Twittering Machines new surround sound audio-visual installation at SA))_Gallery, Electromuseum, Moscow. Exhibition running from 1 March until 5 April.

24 Feb – PRRRRRT workshop at SA))_Studios Moscow. Synth making with e-textiles.

22nd Feb – Performance of Twittering Machines at Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Arts Centre, St Petersburg, as part of TECHNE Live programme.

21 Feb – Performance of Twittering Machines at NCCA, Moscow, as part of Plums Digital Check-in ft. TECHNE.

19 Feb – 1 March 2020: Moscow Residency supported by British Council – with SA))_Studios, SA))_Gallery and Electromuseum. Part of British Council UK-RUSSIA Year of Music.

10-16 February 2020: Residency with Myriam Boucher in Bristol UK.

1 – 29 February 2020: – Phase Transition at Santa Monica Arts Centre for Eufònic Urbà, Barcelona

13 January – 9 February 2020: UK-Russia Musician in Residence programme in Kaliningrad hosted by British Council, PRSF ansd RUSH Music, as part of British Council UK-RUSSIA Year of Music.