Kathy Hinde

Previous Events 2019

20 December 2019 – 19 January 2020: Luminous Birds along the River Ribble, Preston.

27 November 2019: Twittering Machines Live AV version at The Sound Cupboard, Crofters Rights, Bristol.

22-23 November 2019: Chirp & Drift installation and live performance with Stavanger Kitchen Orchestra, and workshops, walks and talks as part of FlugleFestival at Ogna Scene, Norway.

14-17 November 2019: For the Birds at Durham Botanical Gardens for the 10th Anniversary edition of Durham Lumiere

25 October – 10 November 2019: Sonica Festival, Glasgow produced by Cryptic. Exhibiting Chirp & Drift, and Deep Listening Soundscapes plus live AV performance of Twittering Machines at Tramway, Glasgow.

22 September – Aeolian, with Maja RatkjeAndreas Borregaard, and Red Note Ensemble at Lammermuir Festival, East Lothian, Scotland.

12-15 September – Piano Migrations installation at Lisboa Soa, Portugal : Live performance with Matthew Olden at 8pm Thursday 12 Sept.

14 September – Aeolian, with Maja Ratkje, Andreas Borregaard, and Red Note Ensemble at Ultima Festival, Oslo, Norway.

31 August – 15 September – Phase Transition at Eufonic Festival, Spain.

22 August – Twittering Machines new live AV performance at MUTEK, Montréal, Canada.

2-4 August – Various performances, workshops and events with BEEF at Supernormal, Braziers Park, Oxfordshire.

26 July  – 25 August 2019 – Below The Blanket : Multiple new works for show at Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh inspired by the Flow Country produced by Cryptic as part of the Flows to the Future project with RSPB Scotland.

15 June – Demo version of ‘Chirp&Drift‘ at the ORAM Awards, Kings Place, London.

11 Feb – 24 March 2019 – Artist Residency at Sura Medura, Sri Lanka

9 Feb 2019 – 6:30pm – Scattering Layer by ORNIS (collaboration with Sabine Vogel) at Kings Place as part of Venus Unwrapped series as a double bill with Pan Daijing and Hatis Noit.

8 Feb 2019 – 8pm -Scattering Layer by ORNIS (collaboration with Sabine Vogel) at The Brunswick club, Bristol as part of the BEEF programme

8 Feb – 22 March 2019 – MOVE, group exhibition at Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster Arts. Relaunch of Twitchr bird-song online soundmap created with Ed Holroyd alongside new soundscape created from twitchr recordings and various twitchr ephemera.

23 January 2019 – Live soundtrack for premiere of film “Little Things Rule the World” by Vicky Smith at The Cube Cinema, Bristol. Performing with Melanie Clifford and Howard Jacques.

27 January 2019, 12pm – 5:30pm – Chirp&Drift walk and workshop at RSBP Leighton Moss

27 January 2019, 8pm – Chirp&Drift talk at The Olive Bar, The Gregson Centre, Lancaster with Sarah Hymas, Laurence Rose and Alice Booth.

27 Nov 2018 – 01 April 2019 – Luminous Birds at Horatio’s Garden, Salisbury District hospital.