Kathy Hinde

Previous Events 2017

2 – 20 December 2017: Luminous Birds at Lumiere Festival, Vancouver, Canada.

15-17 December 2017 – Series of outdoor light and sound installations for ‘Alight‘, Prior Park, Bath. With Ulf Pedersen and SoundUK.

26 October – 5 November – Premiere of installation “Phase Transition” at the Ladies Pool, Govanhill Baths for Sonica Festival of visual sonic arts, Glasgow.

26 October – 5 November – Singularity co-created with Solveig Settemsdal exhibited at CCA for Sonica Festival of visual sonic arts, Glasgow.

16-19 November – For the Birds at Durham Lumiere. Series of outdoor light and sound installations as a group show with Jony Easterby, Mark Anderson and Ulf Pedersen.

17 November – Premiere of “Aeolian” co-created with Maja S. K. Ratkje for performance by soloist Andreas Borregaard and Red Note Ensemble at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.

4 August – 1 October – Piano Migrations exhibited in “Dominion” at New Media Gallery, Vancouver.

7-11 September 2017 – Singularity with Solveig Settemsdal at POINT ZERO Exhibition, Ars Electronica, Linz.

7 October – Powerplant at Swansea International Festival. Visuals for percussionist Joby Burgess with sound diffusion by Matthew Fairclough.

7 October – Visuals for Eyebrow at Kelston Old Barn, near Bath.

30 June – 30 July – Tipping Point at Minoritie Church Krems for Klangraum with solo performance on Friday 30th June and collaborative performance with Shahzad Ismaily on Sunday 30th July.

4 August – 1 October – Piano Migrations exhibited in “Dominion” at New Media Gallery, Vancouver.

25 August – Concert at CMMAS, Morelia, Mexico following a 2 week residency supported by Cryptic

3rd July – Video for Three Cane Whale gig, 8pm at the Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol.

2 – 9 July – Piano Migrations at Iklectik as part of Sonic Waterloo Festival Exhibition with live performance with Matthew Olden on Sunday 9 July

8 June – Powerplant at Arena Theatre, University of Wolverhampton. Visuals for percussionist Joby Burgess with sound diffusion by Matthew Fairclough.

19th June – Improvisation with Matthew Olden with Piano Migrations, alongside performance by Bill Thompson at BEEF, the Brunswick Club, Bristol.

6 – 28 May – For the Birds at Brighton Festival with Jony Easterby, Mark Anderson, Ulf Pedersen, Pippa Taylor and Esther Tew – more information here

18 – 23 April – Residence at the Brunswick Club, Bristol with Maja Ratkje and Andreas Boregaard working on Aeolian for the Red Note Ensemble

6 April – Short film for part of Three Cane Whale at the Pictures, St Georges, Bristol.

6 – 31 March – Cryptic Spring residency at Cove Park, Scotland.

17 February – Stapleford Granary, Cambridge: ‘Singularity‘ : music by Kathy Hinde, visuals by Solvieg Settemsdal for audio-visual concert Ritual in Transfigured Time with Goldfield Ensemble and Langham Research Centre.

1st February, 6-9pm – Book Launch of “Colloquium Sound Art – Music‘ with Listening Event at CRiSAP, London College of Communication

1st February, 6:30 – 9pm – Screening of Singularity at The Cusp First Birthday party at They Crypt Gallery, Euston, London.

8 February – Workshop for Roving Art Group – Journeys in Music and Sound as part of Deborah Jones’ A Forgotten Landscape project located along the Severn Estuary.