Kathy Hinde

22 December, 2012

Cranes on Cranes for Harbour Wonderland

For Bristol’s Harbour Wonderland Christmas celebration, I constructed some large origami style cranes to decorate the huge industrial cranes outside the M Shed. The whloe event ran for 4 evenings and included an interactive video – voice responsive snowing video projection by Tom Sewell of Lumen, a charming animation by children in Knowle created with Tom Stubbs, and captivating kinetic snowing live video and sound installation by Rod MacLachlan with audio by Roly Porter, plus great architectural lighting by Ulf Mark Pederson. Every night featured a different choir singing christmas songs, some comforting mulled wine and cakes… produced by Cirque Bijou,  Bristol City Council, Knowle West Media Centre, Watershed and Gathering Voices Festival of Song.