Kathy Hinde

29 January, 2015

Bristol Green Capital Launch

On Saturday 24th January, the show ‘Bridging the Gap’, produced by Cirque Bijou marked the launch and celebration of Bristol as European Green Capital 2015. The centre piece of Bridging the Gap was world leading high wire artist Jade Kindar-Martin crossing a high wire on a bicycle with his wife, stunt artist Karine Mauffrey suspended below. They traversed 120m between two huge red brick ex-tobacco warehouses at a height of 30m …. amazing stuff !! … Cirque Bijou invited me to create bespoke videos to be projected onto both buildings specially for the event…  the place was alive with live music  composed specially for the night by Dom Coyote, creative lighting and amazing LED Umbrellas – all turning green at the same time…  all happening amongst plenty of enthusiastic Bristolians. The idea behind Bridging the Gap was to encourage people to become more actively involved in ecological issues. Have a look at the video of the event by Woven Films and pictures by Andre Pattenden below.

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