Kathy Hinde

10 September, 2013

Birds Insects and Sound Machines

At the end of our residency at Villa Waldberta in Bavaria, myself and Matthew Olden put on an audio-visual concert on July 26th 2013 as part of the Signalraum programme at the Einstein Kultur, Munich curated by Horst Konietzny. During the residency we made connections with some very talented local artists and musicians, which lead to some new collaborations which we wanted to share.

This concert included: Kathy Hinde (UK): Piano, Music Box, Objects, Electronics, Video; Matthew Olden (UK): Laptop, Music Box, Insect Synthesizers, Static Light Sculptures; Christoph Reiserer (DE): Clarinet, Typewriter, Music Box, Laptop; Tom Sora (RO): Solo Music Box Compositions; Robert Kessler (DE): Sound Responsive Kinetic Light Sculptures; Helmut Wolfertstetter (on film) (DE): Whistled Bird Imitations

Here is a short video of the evening

Cool poster for the whole month of Signalraum concerts in July.. scroll up and down and appreciate the Op Art effect…