Kathy Hinde

25 October, 2011

Belgian Piano Migrations

To show Piano Migrations at Almost Cinema in Ghent, Belgium, it was collectively decided that it would be a good idea if I reconstructed the work on site, with a dilapidated piano from Ghent. This is always exciting, because all pianos are different and I knew the piece would have a different sound, and a slightly different look. Here are a few pics of the work progressing with help from Pieter and Jan at Vooruit Arts Centre.

And here are some shots of the finished work, and a video.

Two more pictures of other piano “migrations” I discovered in Ghent… The first is a wonderful looking telegram device that employs an adapted version of a piano keyboard to type letters. This was on display at Ghent University’s Museum of the History of Science. The second, (I was very excited to go and see) was the semi-destroyed piano in the basement of Vooruit which is a relic from a Sonic Youth gig in 2002 from their Goodbye 20th Century tour during which they performed a version of George Macuinas’ fluxus score Piano Piece #13 (the carpenters piece)  composed for Nam June Paik where the instruction is to nail down the keys of the piano keyboard…