Kathy Hinde

1 May, 2012

Bedfordshire Lace Sounds

Throughout the month of April I have been working with Bedford Creative Arts, collaborating and responding to the work of artist Arabel Rosillo de Blas. Arabel has been reseaching the history of Bedfordshire Lace and making a series of works and events around this. Whilst I was at BCA, Arabel was working with local people on an enormous task – to lace a building in the centre of Bedford!
I was running a series of workshops alongside this, all to do with methods of creating music and sounds using the patterns of Bedfordshire lace as a starting point. The first workshops were using the Music Box idea from Music Box Migrations, but this time with print outs of lace. What was really nice about this was that the lace has naturally repeating patterns…

here is an example, or you can choose from the playlist here


I then collaborated with Matthew Olden, aka i am the mighty jungulator and he designed a really fantastic adaptation of part of his Jungulator software – called The Jungulacer. Workshop participants could then play with music box composition and ‘lace the sounds’ using the jungulacer, adding more complexity to the soundworld by chopping, reversing, repeating, re-pitching samples from their short piece.
here is a playlist of jungulaced sounds

and a screenshot of the jungulacer – with adapted controls relating to lace making