Kathy Hinde Audio-Visual Artist — Inspired by behaviours and phenomena found in nature and the everyday — working with sound, light, image, sculpture, location.

Sounding The River

Sounding The River explored the hidden beauty of Birmingham’s urban river. This nocturnal exploration of nature reflected through art was the final celebration of mac birmingham’s 50th year. Curated by Lead artist Jony Easterby, I was part of a wonderful team of artists including Jony EasterbyMark AndersonAnna LucasUlf Mark Pedersen and Red Earth Environmental Arts Group.

I created the new piece ‘In Flight’ which consisted of a flock of 7 stainless steel Origami-style birds that were mechanised flying through the trees that overhang the river. When spot lit at night, they created a shadow animation on the river wall and played with the reflective quality of the metal bouncing light and creating multiple reflections and shadows in the water and trees. I was inspired by the early cinema experiments of Mélies and the work also formed part of ‘Sounding the River’s narrative, – transforming from alluding to Birmingham’s industrial past, into connecting with the natural and more wild environment as the river meanders into Cannon Hill Park.


Main Photo and photo of metal birds above by Nicola Easterby from N.East Photography. Stainless Steel templates laser cut in Bristol by L. W. Jenkins.

The video below also shows the birds in the daytime nestling between the trees overhanging the river…

Later in the river walk, I made three versions of my installation Piano Migrations in a wooded area, with three bird videos making different audio-visual compositions amongst the trees… Adrian Burrows took the photograph below, and I took the following two.




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