Kathy Hinde Audio-Visual Artist — Inspired by behaviours and phenomena found in nature and the everyday — working with sound, light, image, sculpture, location.

Come Outside

Created with Polar Produce in 2007 for the Enter_ Festival, Cambridge.

People were invited to ‘Come Outside’ for a bike ride. Bicycles were provided with custom-made dynamo battery chargers, and participants were invited on a bike ride out of the city into a rural location. The energy generated as participants peddled was harnessed in batteries, and the cyclists were promised a refreshing cup of tea made with water boiled from this energy.

Whilst the kettle heated the water, a short, informal lecture on energy transfer was delivered.

For this project, Polar Produce was Teresa Dillon, Kathy Hinde, Maarten De Laat and Philip O’Dwyer.

Thanks to the Enter_ festival for supporting the first iteration of ‘Come Outside’, to Tom Bugs for his input and co-development on the batteries and to CityCycle Hire for providing the bikes.

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