Kathy Hinde Audio-Visual Artist — Inspired by behaviours and phenomena found in nature and the everyday — working with sound, light, image, sculpture, location.

Up Coming Events

26 July  – 25 August 2019 – Below The Blanket : Multiple new works for show at Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh inspired by the Flow Country produced by Cryptic as part of the Flows to the Future project with RSPB Scotland.

2-4 August – Various performances, workshops and events with BEEF at Supernormal, Braziers Park, Oxfordshire.

22 August – Twittering Machines new live AV performance at MUTEK, Montréal, Canada.

31 August – 15 September – Phase Transition at Eufonic Festival, Spain.

12-15 September – Piano Migrations at Lisboa Soa, Portugal

31 October – 10 November 2019: Sonica Festival, Glasgow produced by Cryptic.

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