Below The Blanket

Participants listen. Artist Kathy Hinde leads a session of ‘deep bog listening’ using specialist audio equipment with locals. A hydrophone or contact microphone is lowered in the bog enabling the bog listeners to listen to the bog breathing liquids and gasses in its mossy mass.Below The Blanket – arts project.
As part of the Peatland Partnership’s Flows to the Future Project, in conjunction with the Royal
Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE), a new commission has been awarded to Cryptic to produce
a series of visual, sonic and kinetic installations that will be shown in the Gardens during the
Edinburgh Festivals in August 2019.
A sensory series of visual, sonic and kinetic installations inspired by blanket bog in the Scottish Highlands, Cryptic take you on a captivating journey to Caithness and Sutherland’s Flow Country – an awe-inspiring 40,000 acre expanse of deep peat, dotted with beguiling bog pools, which play a crucial role in fighting against the effects climate change.
Below the Blanket features artists Kathy Hinde, Luci Holland, Heather Lander and Matthew Olden, plus the premiere of a choral work composed by Malcolm Lindsay and sung by the Dunedin Consort.
The Flow Country is a vast landscape in the far north of Scotland, dominated by blanket bog, a rare type of
peatland. It is the largest expanse of blanket bog in Europe and the best example of its type in the world.
Around 3% of the world’s land surface is peatland, but only a tiny percent of this is blanket bog. These
environments form cool, wet places towards the north and south poles over thousands of years, generating a
distinctive and significant habitat. Perhaps the most significant plant species in the Flow Country are perhaps the sphagnum mosses, which thrive
in the cool and wet environment. Due to the acidic, waterlogged conditions, they do not fully rot down on
dying. Instead they form peat, preserving plant material and storing carbon The function of the bog as a carbon
store is invaluable i

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