Earthquake Mass re-imagined – R&D

During autumn 2020 and spring 2021, I started some research and development on a significant new audio visual installation that has been in the planning for many years. I’m happy to share some of the progress made towards the creation of ‘Earthquake Mass Re-imagined’, commissioned by Cryptic in partnership with Anglo Arts (part of the […]


Melilot – research & development

During 2020, I began to work with direct-on-film photograms using 16mm film and eco-processing techniques such as caffenol recipes (coffee, vitamin C and washing soda), which led to my first 16mm film River Traces. In early 2021, I took an online course with Curioso Lab in Mexico city, to learn more about Eco-Praxis in the […]


Summer of Sound – Listening Horns

I’m thrilled to be showing a number of outdoor installation works at Summer of Sound at Wakehurst, Kew’s wild botanical Garden in West Sussex. After making a number of site visits to explore the waterways and make hydrophone recordings, I set up a series of listening horns that playback the underwater sound recordings at the […]


High Water

Three simultaneous timelapse movies shot at the edge points of Bristol on 30th March from one high tide to the next (9:30am to 9:20pm) marking the occasion of the highest tide of the year. Created for the all day High Water event with tidelines.uk and art-earth.org.uk.Locations are: (1) the New Avon Cut, (2) Looking along […]


Deep Listening at The Joyous Thing 2

On 28th February 2021, I broadcast an ‘on-location’ live streamed Deep Listening Walk, commissioned for Outlands Network online festival The Joyous Thing 2. This incorporating multiple microphones and an array of cables, adapters, dongles and a wearable camera mount. The live stream ran 30 minutes either side of sunset, on a waning full moon, at a […]


Ivor Novello Award!

I’m thrilled to share that I received an Ivor Novello Award, in the Sound Art Category at the Ivors Composer Awards 2020, for my audio visual composition Twittering Machines. Here is a photo of me with the wonderful award, followed by a short thank you video … although there are many more people to thank […]


Deep Listening at Control Shift

On Saturday 10th October, I invited people to join me for ‘Deep Listening’ walk around Bristol’s floating harbour for Control Shift festival. Together, we paused to listen to Bristol from an underwater perspective using hydrophones and wireless headphones. The walk culminated in a contemplation of Bristol’s unique tidal range (the second largest in the world) from an edge point of the city, […]


River Traces at Mutek

RIVER TRACES 1 was created in collaboration with the River Frome in Bristol, by exposing samples of river sediment and algae directly onto 16mm film, and developing using eco-processing techniques. Physical traces are generated through a direct encounter between the material qualities of the river and the film itself, effecting both the visual and audio […]



There is a dedicated website for this project HERE LOCKDOWN VEXATIONS LIVE STREAM launched THIS SUNDAY 17th MAY – for ERIK SATIE’s 154th BIRTHDAY… more details about this HERE VEXATIONS is a mysterious composition by Erik Satie, which takes on another dimension when the instructions at the top of the score are followed. Satie asks the performer to play the piece […]


SWCTN – DATA Fellowship

I’m delighted to announce that I have joined the South West Creative Technology Network as a Data Fellow. Along with 23 other fellows, selected from academia, industry and new talent, with a dynamic production team, I’ll be creatively thinking about the effects and impacts of data from many perspectives. I’m excited at the possibilities of this time of in-depth research with colleagues from diverse […]


UK-RUSSIA year of Music, Moscow – Exhibition

As part of the British Council UK-RUSSIA Year of Music I went to Moscow for ten days.  I created a new installation version of my project Twittering Machines. The Sound Artist community offered to let me work at SA)) Studios for a few days, to use their 8 channel speaker system.  I made a new 8 channel composition with HD video, and […]


UK-RUSSIA Year of Music, Moscow – Workshop

As part of the British Council UK-RUSSIA Year of Music trip to Moscow, I delivered a ‘Synth-making and e-textiles’ workshop at the SA)) Studios run by the Sound Artist Community in Moscow. The day was lots of fun, and participants went away with a soft toy that made lots of different noise, controlled by a combination […]